Presentations & SEMINARS



Lessons from REF2014 for REF2021

Environment and Impact: from REF2014 to REF2021

Impact case studies

Delivering 3* and 4* research

Assessing research outputs and developing personal research publication strategies


Strategic advice on appropriate UoA returns
Strategic advice on impact case studies
Reviewing environment submissions
​Reviewing impact case studies
Reviewing impact preparedness


We offer consultancy to Higher Education Institutions in the following areas in preparation for REF2021.

Scoring of research outputs

Scoring of impact case studies

1:1 feedback on draft impact case studies
Reviewing the quality of research areas in preparation for REF2021

Consultancy work for research assessment exercises outside of the UK can also be undertaken.


Consultancy Services for Higher Education Institutions in preparation for Research Excellence Framework 2021

The REF2014 exercise: outcome and panel processes

Lessons from REF2014 for REF2021

How to achieve 3* and 4* scores in REF2021

How to deliver a high quality Environment template in REF2021

Assessment of impact case studies and developing high quality cases for REF2021